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In our journey so far, we have collaborated with these amazing companies,
organisations that help us get a step closer to achieving our mission.


Rural Teacher Fellows Programme

Ignis currently supports 30 government schools with a total strength of about 4000 students in the rural mandals of Khammam District. Telangana. Under the initiative, Ignis Careers hire and train teacher aspirants from the region where the programme is implemented. They receive the fellowship for one year in slightly better off places and 2 years in remote places where the skills of the fellows are poor.

While the Rural Teacher Fellows Programme primarily uses course material prepared for the English and Life Skills Lab. In remote areas and areas with unique cultural contexts, we develop culturally-appropriate complementary learning material.

Research and Capacity Building

Ignis is fuelled by its best in class research which develops curriculum that is both age and culturally appropriate for the target beneficiaries. Ignis has supported English and Life Skills curriculum development for various organizations and foundations that work with vulnerable communities across India. The work involved studying the language skills of the students, mapping their exposure to English, mapping their cultural background, building a corpus of words appropriate for the developmental milestones and putting together a curriculum based on these findings.

We also support organizations in developing educational support programs appropriate for their mission, suitable for the cultural contexts that they operate in. This involves skills survey, field based research, curriculum development, training and capacity building, continual monitoring and implementation support.

  • Closely study the cultural context of the target group
  • Analyse the learning nees of the group
  • Develop learning program based on the findings
  • Pilot and modify the model
Implementation Support
  • Recruit trainers, train of trainers
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Pre- and post-program assessments

English and Life Skills for Girls

Women, particularly the girl child have been traditionally deprioritized in the socio milieu. A primary issue that needs addressing is the limited access to quality education and an emancipatory curriculum to enable girls to take charge of and chalk out their own destiny.While the state has established schools for vulnerable communities that deliver a standard NCERT syllabus, there are major gaps in providing actual life skills and awareness of socio-economic empowerment; nutrition, health and hygiene; reproductive health; education and career awareness; financial independence; legal remedies and entitlements. Ignis Careers has developed a 3-level program appropriate for the age groups between 13 and 18. This program integrates basic life skills along with awareness about general and reproductive health, education and, career opportunities, legal rights etc. We have developed urban and rural models taking into account the socio-cultural variations. We adapt the course based on the cultural nuances of the place of implementation. The initiative empowers girls with not only information and guidance but also skills to negotiate skewed gender dynamics.

Employment Enhancement Programme for Youth

Ignis has also trained over 4000 young graduates from various colleges and universities, like Nagarjuna University, Guntur; the Dr. B R Ambedkar Open University and the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal. Apart from these Ignis also trains professionals in organisations like GVK Bio, Mylan etc., in English and Professional Communication Skills. The wide range of age groups and sectors, help Ignis understand prevalent learning cultures, practices and the consequences. This helps us design purposeful curricula based on a deeper understanding of the larger consequence.

Teacher Training for Participatory Learning

Ignis also organises training programmes for teachers. The programmes focus on inculcating student-centred participatory, activity-based teaching methodologies. The programmes are offered to schools as a capacity building initiative for teachers and also invite open enrolments. Since March 2020, and considering the increasing dependence on hybrid learning, we have also incorporated orientation on online teaching methodologies, tools, and resources.


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