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English and Life Skills Lab (ELSL)

This is Ignis Careers’ flagship product. It is a comprehensive school partnership aimed at imparting English and Life Skills to students and creating a culture of joyful learning in schools. The integrated Life Skills component covers Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Self Awareness, Empathy, Interpersonal Relationship, Good Communication, and Emotional Balance, as recommended by WHO and UNICEF.
The English language component focuses on actual language use, eschewing theoretical, rules-based instruction for a participatory application based approach to language learning. Students are encouraged to speak, make mistakes and learn from their mistakes to build confidence.

The year-long support programme includes 42 hours of teacher training and curriculum orientation. The training focuses on helping teachers adopt a participatory, learner-centred approach to education that focuses on understanding and internalising concepts than memory.
ELSL comprises 8 levels of a level appropriate and culturally relevant curriculum for Class 2 to Class 10. The carefully created lessons and activities

My English Guru

In the wake of COVID 19 crisis and the resultant school closures, learners from vulnerable communities have been particularly affected.
Using the same vision and principles used to develop the ELSL program, Ignis developed five levels of the My English Guru live online programs for students from Class 1 to Class 10. The program follows the learner-centred activity based, participatory teaching methodologies that is a hallmark of all Ignis engagements.

The five levels of live online programs for students from classes 1-10 seeks to ensure that students from vulnerable communities are not too affected by the disruption in education. As a beyond-the-school intervention, the program functions as an economic alternative to after-school tuitions.


An outcome of the post-COVID 19 milieu is the realisation that the future of education lies in a hybrid model that complements classroom learning with purposeful online engagements. Ignis has developed a STEM curriculum for students from class 6 to class 10 that prioritizes cognitive development over memorization.

The activity-based curriculum encourages students to internalize the basic concepts and to derive understanding through experiment and observation. The program encourages critical enquiry and discovery through participatory projects and also complementary AV aids.

Ignis Career Awareness Program

The career awareness program is part of our commitment towards a holistic approach to education. Students from vulnerable communities, mostly first-generation learners, are often at a loss about the career choices available, and the steps required to achieve their career goals. Ignis’ offers a range of customised programs ranging from a one-day introductory engagement to a comprehensive month-long program that focuses on guiding the beneficiaries through a path of self-discovery of their interests, talents, and their intellectual and emotional quotients to narrow down their career options The program also guides them on seeking and availing scholarships and other government aids. The more comprehensive engagement also involved=s a parent counselling session to help parents understand their child’s interests and achievements and provide them with the right encouragement.


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