Mitigating Covid -19 Educational Crisis

So far, data suggests that children under the age of 18 years represent about 8.5% of reported cases, with relatively few deaths compared to other age groups and usually mild disease. However, cases of critical illness have been reported. As with adults, pre-existing medical conditions have been suggested as a risk factor for severe disease and intensive care admission in children. Further studies are underway to assess the risk of infection in children and to better understand transmission in this age group.

Impact of COVID19 on Education in India

Our Solution

  • Launched hybrid models integrating remote learning through online platforms
  • Mobilized local teachers to pool students and pool devices to provide continued access to learning.
  • Post the COVID disruption Ignis has been supporting all subjects including STEM.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and refers to any subjects that fall under these four disciplines. Because these things are never straightforward, there are also dozens of alternative versions of STEM (including STEAM, STREAM and METALS) but STEM is by far the most widely-used.


  • Ignis Careers has been promoting Life Skills and English education for students from deprived communities studying in low-income private schools or government schools.
  • Since the pandemic and the subsequent school closures, Ignis has pivoted to becoming an education services provider focusing on ensuring continued access to learning for students from resource constrained communities.
  • Ignis has been working with
    • Low-cost private schools catering to nearly 130 million learners

      Adopted a business-to-business low-cost model to provide capacity building programs to ensure skills based learning

    • Government run schools

      With government schools, we raised grants or collaborated with non-profits to provide learning support.

  • With government schools, we raised grants or collaborated with non-profits to provide learning support.

Ignis Support to Mitigate the COVID19 Crisis


Ignis executives have worked pro bono as helpline volunteers helping the COVID19 afflicted source hospital beds, oxygen, medicine, plasma and other miscellaneous medical aid. Since April 2021, the team has supported over 500 patients at various stages of their treatment.

Food supply

Ignis has worked to donate and collect provisions to ensure the supply of essential rations to over 1600 families of daily wage earners who lost their sources of income as a result of the lockdowns.